It’s been a long time since I shared what I am currently knitting!

The original iteration of this blog was Rain Mountain Crafts, a personal blog where I shared my crafts, recipes and just about anything else I felt like. I blogged consistently from 2013-2017, until a variety of life events occurred and I left off blogging.

Recently, Pat and I decided that we wanted to have a space to share our stories and adventures. I realized that I also wanted to be part of the online fiber community again.

So, here we are.

My current Work in Progress (WiP) is an Aran sweater for myself. For years I have longed for a heavily cabled sweater, and finally decided to sit down and try to make one. I’m knitting the #20 Adult’s Aran Sweater in some deep stash yarn – O-Wool Local in Ganoga Falls.

When we moved back to Oregon this summer, we put most of our belongings into storage, which included all my yarn. I had to be very selective of what craft materials I would bring with me, because of the space constraints. I figured a sweater’s worth of yarn would keep me busy, and then I’d have a warm item to wear during the winter. I am having fun with all the cables – just enough to keep things interesting, but simple enough that I can lay the knitting down mid-row and come back to it later.

It’s very pleasant to sit in the evenings and watch the sunset while knitting a few rows. Here’s to hoping I nailed the gauge and will have my dream sweater to wear when winter comes.


  1. That is gorgeous! The stitch definition is glorious. O-wool is such nice yarn; I wish it was a it more affordable for a sweater’s worth.

    • Thanks Juliana! This is my first time knitting with O-Wool and I am really enjoying it. I definitely understand what you mean about cost! I was lucky to get this yarn on clearance as it was the end of the dye lot. There’s a little bit of Malabrigo mixed in on the back since I was fairly certain I wouldn’t have enough for the whole sweater and I didn’t want to run out on a noticeable part!

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