Day Trippin’ Mount Saint Helens

In early June, we took a day trip to Mount Saint Helens to see the wildflowers. This was also the first time we took Pat’s new Ula Circuit bag out for a ‘test spin.’ .

We hiked out of the Johnston Ridge observatory, out onto Harry’s Ridge and Devil’s Elbow. The trail had been rerouted but wasn’t updated on the map, so we had a little bit of route finding to do. Even though we arrived fairly early in the morning, the first segment of the trail quickly filled up with groups of hikers.

I always love being up in the mountains. The expansive views, the space, the feeling. I think that each mountain has a special feeling, something uniquely its own. Mount Saint Helens felt very powerful and intense. Sitting in the bush, looking up at the face of the mountain while we ate our lunch,  I enjoyed feeling the sun on my skin. There was a little jumping spider that played on me while we ate – I think I was on his rock. I am definitely not a spider person, but this little guy was pretty cute as he hopped around.

I made a short little video of our day —


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