Can I tell you a story?

On April 19, 2020, we were scheduled to begin hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,650 long distance through-hike. It would have taken us 5-6 months to complete it, if we were successful. We had been preparing and saving money for a year; however, when COVID-19 hit and shutdowns occurred, it was no longer possible for us (or anyone) to hike the trail.

We still wanted to have an adventure. At the time, we were living in Olympia, Washington – we had moved there from Oregon in 2018 to pursue some professional dreams. During the long months of COVID shelter in place, we realized that we had moved beyond the original goals that had brought us to Washington. We felt that we were no longer moving towards the things that would sustain and nourish us – we needed to do something different.

At the end of July, we put almost everything we owned into storage and, with a car packed full of supplies, drove 291 miles to move into a tent on a 15 acre piece of wild land.

The land used to be a working farm, but was deeply overgrown after many years of sitting dormant. Pat grew up on the farm, until the family house burned down over 15 years ago. Living on the land was an opportunity to pursue our dream of being closer to nature and restoring a beautiful landscape.

When we arrived on the land, we didn’t know for how long we would stay out there. We still don’t – every day brings new joys and new challenges. We will stay until we feel called to a new adventure. But for now, we plan to document our adventure here, on the blog. We hope you will follow along.

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